Wormuth Farm Advocates for Authentic Standards in Response to Perdue Farms' Petition to USDA

Wormuth Farm Advocates for Authentic Standards in Response to Perdue Farms' Petition to USDA


November 11, 2023

[Sussex County, NJ] - Responding to the recent petition by Perdue Farms to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for redefining "pasture-raised" poultry, Mike Dunn, owner of Wormuth Farm, has voiced significant concerns, emphasizing the need for maintaining true pasture-raised standards. Dunn's detailed comment can be read on the USDA's FSIS website at https://www.fsis.usda.gov/sites/default/files/media_file/documents/23-03-Comments-Wormuth-Farm-11042023.pdf.

Perdue Farms' petition to the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) aims to modify the definition of “free-range” poultry and to establish a distinct definition for “pasture-raised” poultry. The petition seeks to amend labeling compliance regulations, clearly defining “pasture-raised” to mean that chickens spend the majority of their lives on pasture with rooted-in-soil vegetative ground cover​.

Dunn acknowledges the importance of differentiating between “free range” and “pasture raised.” However, he raises critical points about the proposed changes, such as the 51% vegetative cover requirement and the allowance for poultry to spend up to four weeks in a brooder, deviating from the essence of "pasture-raised"​.

He expresses concerns about the impact on the welfare of the birds and the nutritional value of pasture-raised products. Dunn argues that the proposed standards could mislead consumers and undermine the significance of the "pasture-raised" label. He also cautions against a one-size-fits-all approach for diverse farming practices across the nation​.

"Wormuth Farm is committed to the authenticity and transparency of our pasture-raised products," said Dunn. "We believe that the true meaning of 'pasture-raised' should reflect the commitment of farmers like us who prioritize animal welfare and sustainable farming practices."

Wormuth Farm stands with other small-scale farmers and industry experts in advocating for standards that truly represent the values of pasture-raised farming. This movement is not just about a label, but about upholding the trust of customers who depend on farms like Wormuth for wholesome, ethically raised meat.

For more information about Wormuth Farm and its commitment to authentic pasture-raised farming, please visit https://wormuthfarm.com.

About Wormuth Farm Located in Sussex County, NJ, Wormuth Farm specializes in sustainable, ethical farming, providing high-quality, pasture-raised lamb and chicken. The farm upholds principles of animal welfare and environmental responsibility, setting a standard for integrity in the agricultural industry.

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