Why Pastured Chicken and Grass Fed Lamb?

It’s never been more important to choose natural and healthy foods to fuel our body. We live in a world where food is increasingly modified from its original state with the addition of harmful chemicals, toxins and preservatives as well as excessive amounts of sugar and salt. By choosing food high in fat and sugar, we are actively hindering ourselves, undermining our health and disabling ourselves from living our best life possible. The same principle rings true in relation to poultry and eggs.

We are eager to share with you the advantages of pasture-raised livestock

Opting for pasture-raised chicken and lamb over factory-farmed poultry or feedlot-raised lambs might seem like a minor choice, but the implications are profound and can significantly impact your health over time. At Wormuth Farm, we are eager to share with you the advantages of pasture-raised livestock. We firmly believe in the power of individual choice and its potential to effect positive change in the world.


Change starts with knowledge. By understanding what a pastured system is and the harmful nature of caged-eggs as well as the benefits of pasture-raised poultry, you are equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to be an active and empowered citizen. Because we believe that with the right knowledge, you can make the best possible decision for both your own health as well as the health of the environment and the animals that are a part of it.

Our priority is to ensure our animals enjoy their best possible life while also offering you the highest quality poultry and eggs. Because we believe in the health of both you and the planet.

pasture raised poultry


According to FoodPrint’s issue ‘Raising Animals Sustainably on Pasture’, there are an array of environmental benefits associated with pasture-raised poultry. FoodPrint explains, “Unlike at confinement operations, a closed loop pasture system takes advantage of animal waste as a beneficial fertilizer, because it is at a scale that the land is able to absorb without the runoff common to the spread of large amounts of manure.”

Our Commitment Extends Beyond Mere Ethical Animal Treatment

In contrast to industrial farms, where chickens are often overcrowded, confined to cramped spaces, and pushed to lay an unnatural number of eggs, pasture-raised poultry emerges as a more sustainable alternative. Moreover, pasture-raised poultry farming offers numerous environmental benefits. These farms don't depend on fossil fuels for feed transportation, nor do they use pesticides and herbicides for mass feed production. They also don't require energy to control cage temperatures, as chickens live in open spaces with natural temperature regulation. Pastured systems enable animals to feed themselves, which is more efficient in terms of labor and cost.

Unlike caged systems where chickens are forced to live amidst their own waste, pastured systems recycle waste as fertilizer. This creates a closed-loop system where nothing is wasted, resulting in an efficient, effective, and environmentally sustainable farm.

Given the current health and climate crises we face as a global community, it's more crucial than ever to choose, support, and implement sustainable agricultural practices. That's why our pasture-raised poultry serves as an ideal solution, offering an eco-friendly, productive, and holistic approach to farming.