Pasture Raised Chicken

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Wormuth Farm's Pasture Raised Chicken and Lamb

Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken: Ethically Raised, Nutritionally Superior, Exceptionally Delicious
Ships May 24th

Whole Pasture-Raised Chicken: Ethically Raised, Nutritionally Superior, Exceptionally Delicious

From $23.49

Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: Healthier, Tastier, Ethically Raised

Pasture-Raised Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: Healthier, Tastier, Ethically Raised

From $10.49

Chicken Thighs Bone-In, Pack of 8, Pasture Raised
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Chicken Thighs Bone-In, Pack of 8, Pasture Raised

From $20.49

Chicken Drumsticks, 8 per Pack, Pasture Raised
Ships May 24th

Chicken Drumsticks, 8 per Pack, Pasture Raised

From $9.95

Whole Grass Fed and Finished Lamb - Deposit To Reserve
Whole Grass Fed and Finished Lamb - Deposit To Reserve
Whole Grass Fed and Finished Lamb - Deposit To Reserve
Whole Grass Fed and Finished Lamb - Deposit To Reserve
Hanging Weight 45 lb - $540.00

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Grass-Fed & Finished Market Lambs – Reserve Yours Today with a 20% Deposit

We are excited to announce that our grass-fed & finished market lambs will be ready for harvest in July and September of 2024. We're now offering the opportunity to pre-reserve these premium lambs, ensuring you receive the finest quality, pasture-raised meat directly from Wormuth Farm.

Butcher: Nellos Specialty Meats
Harvest: July – September 2024
Price per lb: $12

Local customers will pick up their lamb directly at the farm.

What You Can Expect

  • Approximate Live Weight: Each lamb has an estimated live weight ranging from 100 to 120 lbs.
  • Yield of Processed Meat: Post-processing, you can expect to receive approximately 45 to 55 lbs of succulent grass-finished lamb. The average cost per lb is $12. This includes a variety of cuts like chops, roasts, and ground lamb, offering a range of culinary possibilities.
  • Processing and Butchering: We handle all aspects of processing and butchering at a USDA-inspected facility in Pennsylvania. This includes a comprehensive slaughter and butchering fee of $180, which is already factored into the total price of each lamb, providing you with transparency and convenience. Additionally, each of our roasts and chops is meticulously vacuum-packed for freshness and quality preservation, providing you with premium cuts that maintain their flavor and texture.
  • Customization Options: We value your preferences. Therefore, we're happy to collaborate with you on specific requests, such as the thickness of your lamb chops or choosing between bone-in and boneless options for leg roasts.

Pricing & Payment Details

  • Reserve Now with a 20% Deposit: Secure your whole lamb with a non-refundable deposit of $100. This deposit is part of the total price and ensures your reservation.
  • Balance Due Before Pickup: The remaining balance of your purchase must be settled before or at the time of pickup. We will provide you with the total amount.

Reserving your lamb with a 20% deposit not only guarantees you one full share of premium, ethically raised lamb but also supports sustainable farming practices. Contact us today to reserve your lamb and savor the rich, natural flavors of grass-fed, grass-finished lamb from our farm to your table.


Understanding Sheep and Lamb Weights

Q: What is the 'live weight' of a lamb? Live weight refers to the weight of the lamb while it is still alive. This is similar to how we weigh ourselves.

Q: What does 'hanging weight' mean? After the lamb is slaughtered, the hanging weight is the weight of the carcass with the blood drained and the head, hide, feet, entrails, and organs removed. It's typically about 60% of the live weight.

Q: How much meat will I actually take home (packaged weight)? The packaged or boxed weight, which is the net weight of the meat you receive, is usually about 60-65% of the hanging weight. This reduction is due to moisture loss during dry aging, and the removal of bones and fat during processing.

Q: Why is there a difference between live, hanging, and packaged weights? These differences arise due to the processing stages a lamb undergoes post-slaughter. Each stage (slaughter, aging, butchering) results in a reduction in weight due to various factors like removal of non-edible parts and moisture loss.

Q: Can the hanging and packaged weights vary? Yes, these weights can vary depending on individual animals, the butchering style, and the specific cuts of meat you choose. It's a natural part of the meat processing cycle.

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Pre ordering now available. Mark your calendars, as these select pasture raised chicken cuts will be ready to ship May 20th 2024. Place your order now!

Wormuth Farm Pasture Raised Meats

Farm to table pastured chicken, and grass fed and finished lamb, rotated daily to fresh grass. No middleman, no distributor, no supermarket. Buy direct from us, the farmer. Everything you see here we raise ourselves.

Pasture Raised Chicken

100% Grass Fed and Finished Lamb

Home Delivery or Curbside Pick Up at our farm. Premium quality, exceptional tasting pasture raised chicken and lamb, living outdoors on grass in the fresh air and sunshine of Sussex County, NJ. Our chickens are moved daily on to fresh grass in floorless coops! This is why they taste so good.

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