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Wormuth Farm's Pasture Raised Chicken and Lamb

Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised

Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised

From $18.95 Regular price $26.95

Chicken Necks, Pasture Raised

Chicken Necks, Pasture Raised

From $8.49

Party Wings, 2.0 lb, Pasture Raised Chicken Wings

Party Wings, 2.0 lb, Pasture Raised Chicken Wings


Chicken Backs and Carcasses, Pasture Raised

Chicken Backs and Carcasses, Pasture Raised

From $16.95

Wormuth Farm Pasture Raised Meats

Farm to table pastured chicken, and grass fed and finished lamb, rotated daily to fresh grass. No middleman, no supermarket. Buy direct from us, the farmer.

Pasture Raised Chicken

100% Grass Fed and Finished Lamb

Next Day Home Delivery or Curbside Pick Up. Premium quality, exceptional tasting pasture raised chicken and lamb, living outdoors on grass in the fresh air and sunshine of Sussex County, NJ. Our chickens are moved daily on to fresh grass in floorless coops! This is why they taste so good.

Farm Blog

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Chicken Pot Pie: The Ultimate Comfort Food with Wormuth Farm’s Pasture-Raised Chicken

By Michael Dunn on Sep 13, 2023

As the leaves turn and the air crisps, our culinary focus shifts toward hearty, comforting meals that warm us from the inside out. What could be more fitting for fall than a classic Chicken Pot Pie? Made wit...

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The Organic Meat Debate: Why Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Are Better Choices

By Michael Dunn on Aug 30, 2023

The organic food movement has gained significant traction over the years, with many consumers opting for organic meat products. However, it's essential to critically examine the claims and practices behind o...

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What is Regenerative Agriculture? A Closer Look at Wormuth Farm Practices

By Michael Dunn on Aug 22, 2023

Regenerative agriculture is more than a farming method; it's a philosophy that prioritizes the health of the soil, ecosystem, animals, and, ultimately, the people who consume the products. At Wormuth Farm, r...

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