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Zaatar Spiced Chicken with Lemon

By Michael Dunn on Jun 26, 2024

At Wormuth Farm, we take pride in offering pasture-raised chicken that not only supports sustainable farming practices but also delivers exceptional flavor. Today, we're excited to share a delicious recipe: ...

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Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken Thighs: A Delicious Farm-to-Table Recipe

By Michael Dunn on May 31, 2024

At Wormuth Farm, we take pride in offering the highest quality pasture-raised chicken. Our chickens roam freely, resulting in tender, flavorful meat that's perfect for any dish. Today, we’re sharing a favori...

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Lemon Chicken Piccata

By Michael Dunn on Oct 28, 2023

Try our sumptuous Lemon Chicken Piccata, prepared using pasture-raised, skinless chicken breasts. This classic Italian dish, enriched with a tangy lemon-caper sauce, highlights the tender, ethically-raised c...

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Chicken Pot Pie: The Ultimate Comfort Food with Wormuth Farm’s Pasture-Raised Chicken

By Michael Dunn on Sep 13, 2023

As the leaves turn and the air crisps, our culinary focus shifts toward hearty, comforting meals that warm us from the inside out. What could be more fitting for fall than a classic Chicken Pot Pie? Made wit...

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Roasting the Perfect Leg of Lamb: A Culinary Journey

By Michael Dunn on Apr 04, 2023

There's nothing quite like the rich, succulent flavors of a perfectly roasted leg of lamb to bring people together. With its tender meat and unforgettable aroma, it's a culinary experience that is both deepl...

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5 Easy Roast Chicken Ideas

By Michael Dunn on Mar 15, 2023

Here are five delicious recipe ideas using a whole pasture-raised broiler chicken: Classic Roast Chicken Season the whole chicken with salt, pepper, and your choice of herbs (such as thyme, rosemary, or s...

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Delicious Lamb Recipe Ideas

By Michael Dunn on Dec 31, 2022

There are many delicious recipes that you can make with lamb, including: Grilled Lamb Chops: Marinate lamb chops in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and lemon juice, then grill to your desired lev...

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