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How we farm chicken for our customers

"Wormuth Farm is a small New York family farm. We ensure our animals enjoy their best possible life, foraging outdoors 24 x 7 on pasture grasses, clover, and insects, protected from predators at night, and cared for with integrity and transparency." - Farmer Mike

Moved daily onto new pasture grass shared with our sheep flock, each of our pastured chickens live outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine of Sullivan Catskills in New York State. Our birds spend their days foraging grass, seeds, clover, and bugs - expressing their natural chicken behaviors. These elements are vital for their nutrient-dense value and exceptional taste.

Wormuth Farm small-batch pastured raised chickens receive a supplemental 100% certified organic non-GMO feed. That's a choice we invest in for the health of our chickens and our customers.  

Why our chickens are different

  • our animals forage open grassy pasture and forest

  • never just ‘cage-free’, animal welfare is synonymous with living outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air

  • a farm free from herbicides, pesticides, and harmful artificial fertilizers

  • sustainable farming practices which continuously seek to enhance pasture and soil quality

100% certified organic non-gmo feed

In addition to the forages consumed on pasture, we provide only organic, non-GMO feed to our chickens.

No pesticide or herbicide residue in the feed or used on our farm means healthier premium protein for you and your family.

Pastured is beyond free-range

Unlike conventional factory chicken, pasture raised chicken is higher quality with a deeper flavor, better texture, and is heathier for you and your family.

A number of studies confirm that pastured poultry is lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids compared to commodity chicken sold by large corporations.

Our Farm Team

Sharing great tasting and healthy food with families is our primary goal. To make that possible, many hands and paws taking turns at the pump, keep the family farm running smoothly.