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Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised
Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised
Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised

Whole Broiler Chicken, Pasture Raised

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The gold-standard of chicken, our delicious, juicy, and flavor-packed premium pasture raised chickens are the best you can buy. Affordable, high-quality free range meat delivered direct from our farm in Sussex County NJ to your door.
Raised-with-love, our seasonally grown chickens are beyond free range. Each chicken lives outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, spending their days foraging, living stress-free, moved daily to new pasture grass. These elements are vital for their nutritional value and superior taste.

Feel good about what you’re feeding your family with our affordable and high-quality pasture raised chickens.

  • Jam packed with health benefits that grocery store chicken can't deliver. Pastured chicken has higher Omega-3's, higher A, D and E vitamins, and is lower in saturated fat compared to factory farmed commodity chicken.
  • Flavorful, lean meat packed with juicy goodness that only a pastured chicken can deliver.

  • Living outside on pasture 24 x 7, foraging grass, clover, and seeds. Leaps and bounds better for you, and the environment, over tasteless mass-produced factory-farmed chicken.

  • Processed by our USDA inspected butcher.

Chef's Tip

Pasture raised chicken is a better tasting chicken compared to conventional factory farmed chicken, requiring little intervention or trickery in the kitchen.

Pat completely thawed chicken dry with paper towel and rub down with vegetable or olive oil. Sprinkle on some salt and pepper, including the cavity. Place into preheated 425F oven for 15 minutes. This helps crisp up the skin.

Without opening oven door, turn temperature down to 375F and continue cooking for 18 minutes per pound. Cover breast with foil for last 30 or so minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.


And the reward for your efforts: a delicious grass fed roast chicken with marvelously crispy skin.

As with all lean pasture raised meats, less cooking time yields the best results. Remember that the internal temperature of a roasted whole chicken will continue to rise after taking it out of the oven.

Shipped from our Sussex County farm in Wantage, NJ, your purchase arrives via Next Day Delivery. Each frozen chicken is carefully packaged in thick insulated thermal containers and loaded with super cold gel packs.

We ship our poultry items within the Northeast. Contact us if you would like to make arrangements for shipping to other parts of the US.

In the unlikely event your order arrives damaged, spoiled, or contaminated in any way, please contact us right away and we will be happy to send a free replacement or issue a full refund.

If anything about our refund policy is unclear or you have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Why our chickens are different

  • our animals forage open grassy pasture and forest

  • never just ‘cage-free’, animal welfare is synonymous with living outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air

  • a farm free from herbicides, pesticides, and harmful artificial fertilizers

  • sustainable farming practices which continuously seek to enhance pasture and soil quality

Pastured is beyond free-range

Unlike conventional factory chicken, pasture raised chicken is higher quality with a deeper flavor, better texture, and is heathier for you and your family.

A number of studies have confirmed that pastured poultry is lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids compared to commodity chicken sold by large corporations.

Wormuth Farm is a small family farm. We ensure our animals enjoy their best possible life, foraging outdoors 24 x 7 on grass, clover, and insects, protected from predators at night, and cared for with integrity and transparency.