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Chicken Feet, Pasture Raised

Chicken Feet, Pasture Raised


Perfect for chicken bone broth and stock, these pastured chicken feet raised on organic feed, are packed with rich collagen and flavor.

Moved daily onto new pasture, each of our chickens lives outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, spending their days foraging for bugs, seeds, grass, and clover. These elements are vital for their nutritional value and flavorful taste.

  • Peeled

  • Living outside on pasture 24 x 7, foraging grass, clover, and seeds. Leaps and bounds better for you, and the environment, over tasteless mass-produced factory-farmed chicken.

  • We provide only 100% certified organic, hormone-free, non-GMO feed

  • Antibiotic-free

  • Sustainably farmed, ethically raised, and handled. Our birds are treated well.

Shipped from our Sullivan Catskills farm in New York, your purchase arrives via Next Day Delivery. Each package of frozen chicken feet is carefully packaged in thick insulated thermal containers and loaded with super cold gel packs.

We ship our poultry items within New York State. Contact us if you would like to make arrangements for shipping to other states in the US.

In the unlikely event your order arrives damaged, spoiled, or contaminated in any way, please contact us right away and we will be happy to send a free replacement or issue a full refund.

If anything about our refund policy is unclear or you have more questions please feel free to contact us.